Innovation Management: Ideas Leading to Results
Because each innovation process is different, we provide you with a flexible platform tailored to your needs – from design to configurations for moderators to easily lead any process. Golden Space even allows customizations such as extra feature requests, and can easily be integrated into your Intranet. On the left is an example of a project we did for the Technical University of Berlin and Climate-KIC.
5 Years of Experience
It's Your Data
We love open data and offer data export or an API to provide you with all data at any point of the process.
Reduce Complexity
Most innovation platforms are too complex. We focus on the right balance of features to really make innovation work.
We Ensure Innovation and Success
Benefit From Best Practices
Free consultation to learn about the success factors from running efficient online innovation management processes for over 5 years.
Advised Design Process
We design and develop together with you the best process for your specific innovation project, and setup your customized platform.
Full Support Along Your Journey
We take care of all your needs around the platform, so you can focus on your process and getting the best results.
It's All About Participation
Innovative results are launched by the ideas achieved through participation. We stripped down our platform to the most essential features to ensure participants focus on ideas and not technical hurdles. Our aim is No Help Requests! We also offer you intelligent metrics so you can easily follow your innovation process as well as helpful mailing tools to get participants up to date. We build in gamification and user-friendly and interactive features to keep participants highly motivated.
An All-in-One Solution – Packed with Powerful Features.
Social Profiles
Each user has a profile and a dashboard showing all activities at glance.
Multi-Device Support
All our features are desktop, mobile and tablet friendly.
Blog Section
A dedicated blog as a side channel to communicate with your community.
Public and Private Space
You decide how open or closed your platform is going to be.
Our platform is currently available in five languages: German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and English.
Content Administration
We make content administration a breeze. Moderators can manage content inline.
Custom Pages
Add your own custom pages to your innovation management software.
Mailing System
E-Mail is critical. Golden Space provides user notification, daily digests, and a newsletter tool.
Social Network Analysis
See your innovation system from a bird-eye view in real-time.
We will deliver your requirements within a few days. Get started now.