Our Story
Golden Space Press was born from the need to create a space to explore social innovation. We are a social enterprise - designed to inspire, build the success of social business, and to promote shared value, social responsibility and sustainability alongside entrepreneurship, innovation and business excellence.

Our aim is to create a platform that transform the process design for social business leaders who are looking beyond the immediate bottom line and seeing value and opportunity in social innovation, sustainability, investment, and creating meaningful business at scale.

We deliver the news and set the agenda for the new wave of responsible business leaders and social entrepreneurs. In order to be successful, it requires the right strategies to bring your ideas to life. Social entrepreneurs are seeking to increase their size and impact; corporate leaders are bringing social value and environmental values closer to the heart of their business; charity and public sector CEOs are sharpening their business skills and creating new models to deliver effective, innovative services in challenging economic circumstances.

Not only does our platform help our clients manage their process, but it also connects them to a community of like-minded people. We bring these people, their organization, and their stories into a dedicated platform - championing their vision, sharing their ideas, honing their strategies and processes, testing their mettle, and exploring their challenges, successes, and failures.

We are more than just a publication. We provide more than an idea management software.
We are golden pioneers, constantly pressing towards a better world.

Our Mission

Our goal is to support business leaders and organizations who are trying to make the world a better place. If you are trying to make positive change in your community – we can’t wait to help make your social innovations a success.

Building a strong relationship with you is at the top of our priorities list. We will work with you to make sure that our software meets your needs. Our clients are doing great things, and we want to help you succeed! Our team will take care of your technical needs, so you can focus on what you do best: creating new products and services.

Our Team of Golden Pioneers

Let our innovation experts help you build a process for success.

We believe real change comes through social innovation; an open exchange between people to reach a higher goal. Our innovation experts help you design an innovation process that helps you find the best method for your organization. We guide your experiments with online innovation to find the optimal innovation framework. We know that every organization’s innovation culture is different. That’s why we learn as much about you and your process, before designing a personalized plan for your team. We combine a variety of approaches from open innovation, social innovation and design thinking to make sure that your project succeeds.

Our greatest goal is to make innovation management as user friendly and fun as possible. Our app is effective at managing open innovation from start to finish. Our tools make your ideas, campaigns and services stronger through knowledge exchange. We have 23 awesome (and useful) features that promote team collaboration. With 8 years of experience in the innovation industry we’ve stripped away anything unnecessary. Our software only has the features that will help you grow and succeed.

Our Golden Space Press

Our publication provides news, views, knowledge and analysis on business and finance driving social progress.We are committed to…

  1. Be the most insightful source of news, views and opportunities in social value and social enterprise
  2. Provide advice, skills and knowledge to help do social entrepreneurship better
  3. Discover and scrutinize new ideas in policy and practice
  4. Challenge the status quo across charity, public and business sectors
  5. Champion and question the legitimacy and impact of social enterprise at the global, national and local levels
  6. Explore what makes social entrepreneurship work and why it sometimes goes wrong
  7. Understand and profile the people behind social innovation and what motivates them
  8. Showcase and celebrate great examples of social entrepreneurship across charity, public and commercial sectors
  9. Connect people with conversations about social innovation
  10. Be a critical link in a community of people who are making change in different sectors and silos
  11. Approach our subject matter with honesty, pragmatism (get real), good humor and with a sense of fun
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